Sponsorship Opportunities

The Hobbs Youth Soccer Association (HYSA) is excited about the Spring Season starting in March with the support of new board members!  HYSA continues to grow and is the largest youth sport organization in Hobbs.  More importantly, we are a youth soccer association that has a positive impact on area youth, their families and the community.

We have boys and girls teams, U5 –U16 with 1,393 registered players (126 teams) in the Fall. The seasons run 6-8 weeks and this year we will be holding an end of the season league tournaments.  There are however many expenses connected with running the HYSA.

The Hobbs Youth Soccer Association is a Non-Profit 501(c) tax exempt organization and this Association does not receive any monetary city government or lodger tax assistance.  The support of our Sponsors in the community has been a vital factor in the success of the Association. As a valued community business we hope you will consider sponsoring the Hobbs Youth Soccer Association.

We have a variety of options in sponsoring but if you would like to help and don’t find a fit below contact Sandy at 505-510-0309/ sandy.hysa@gmail.com as we want your sponsorship to be beneficial for you as well.

Thank you in advance for your support!
Hobbs Youth Soccer Association
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