Coaches Corner

We need you to register and begin the process of the background check and certification process.

Since this is a new system, EVERY COACH will need to do this.

That will take you to a page telling you are logging into Hobbs Youth Soccer Association. Then click on Create an Account at the bottom and follow the directions. This will take some time to complete. There will be some certificates that you will need to print. Thanks for your cooperation and patience.

For more detailed instructions – HYSA Coach Instructions

As a coach You understand the following:

  •  You acknowledge that you must complete the concussion training and understand what a Concussion is, what the signs and symptoms of a concussion are, how to help prevent a concussion and what should be done if you think a player has a concussion. Further you understand your responsibilities as a coach to adhere to the NMYSA policies concerning concussion protocol. The certificate must be submitted to the Coach Admin or Registrar and a link to the training can be found on the HYSA website (above).
  • You acknowledge that you must complete the NMYSA Risk Management / Disclosure. Confirmation number must be provided to the Coach Admin or Registrar and the link to complete it be found on the HYSA website (above).
  • You will not harass, threaten, criticize or assault a player, coach, referee, parent, or board member.
  • You are fully aware that verbal and physical abuse of a referee is a crime that is subject to disciplinary action by Hobbs Youth Soccer Association and New Mexico Youth Soccer Association and could result in criminal charges being filed against you.
  • Any coach found playing a non-registered player, a player not on their roster, will face disciplinary action deemed by Board of Directors. This is for the safety of the players, coaches, and HYSA.
  • Each player SHALL play a minimum of 50% of the total playing time.
  • You understand that U5-U9 teams are limited to 3 soccer activities a week. U10 -U12 teams are limited to 2 soccer practices and two regularly scheduled games per week during the regular season with unlimited soccer activities for pre-season and pre-tournament. U13-U15 teams have unlimited soccer activities.
  • You acknowledge that when the Registrar submits the rosters to NMYSA in the Fall all rosters are considered “frozen” or “set in cement”. Transfers between Fall and Spring Seasons are not allowed, no exceptions.