Annual General Meeting (AGM)

May 16th, 2019 at 6pm
at Murray Elementary

The Annual General Meeting will be held Thursday, May 16th at 6pm at Murray Elementary (510 N Dal Paso St, Hobbs, NM 88240).

The Vice President, Webmaster, Registrar, Risk Management Director, Referee Administrator and Ways and Means Director positions will be up for election for a two year term in odd numbered years.

Vice President: Shall, in the absence of the President, preside over and conduct meetings of the Board of Directors, and assumes responsibilities of the President in his/her absence. The Vice President is responsible for and coordinates and directs all HYSA sponsored tournaments. Coordinates competition for HYSA teams beyond that scheduled among HYSA teams. This includes games, fields, travel, referees, meals, lodging, etc. (when appropriate). Coordinates HYSA representation to all HYSA approved away tournaments. Assists Referee Administrator in setting up clinics and scheduling.

Webmaster: Shall be responsible for updating and maintaining the website for the Hobbs Youth Soccer Association (

Registrar: Shall be responsible for the registration of players and teams. The registrar shall assign players and coaches to teams with approval of the Board and assign teams to divisions with approval of the Board. The registrar’s other duties shall include assisting coaches with tournament and/or travel credentials.

Risk Management Director: Shall reference the NMYSA Risk Management Document to assist and educate coaches, parents and players in order to implement the require risk management policy and procedures. Shall verify that there are no league administrators or coaches that are registered sex offenders and ensure disclosure completion procedures are followed by the league. The Risk Management Director shall report any and all incident of non-compliance to the NMYSA Risk Manager.

Referee Administrator: Shall be responsible for recruiting, training, and scheduling of referees.

Ways and Means Director: Shall be responsible for raising funds with the approval of the Board. The Ways and Means Director shall organize fund raising and procure sponsors for teams with the approval of the Board.